Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sienna Bus Tumbles Off Third Mainland Bridge Into The Lagoon

A mainland bound sienna bus carrying an unestimated number of people asides the driver and moving at high speed has fallen off the 3rd Mainland Bridge!!!
Eye witness account reveal that the bus ran into the police truck stationed on the bridge just after the Adekunle descent and tumbled into the Lagos Lagoon.
Efforts of by-standers and the local fishermen have ensured that the bus has been pulled out though no survivors or bodies have been rescued or seen at the time of posting this report
God help us all...

Shout Out to Fish Films!!


  1. I actually witnessed the incident live this morning on my way back from the island.It was a very terrible one, happened about 10.45am, the speed was too much mehnnnn!!.....Make God dey protect us ooooo!!

  2. Ehyaaaaa. Too sad.God have mercy on us.


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