Friday, 24 May 2013

Morgan Freeman's Hilarious Excuse For Dozing Off During Tv Interview...

This week, while making press rounds for his latest movie, “Now You see Me,” Morgan was caught nodding off on live TV during an interview with Fox News.  While his co-star Michael Caine was answering a question about the film’s special effects, Morgan appeared to fall into a deep sleep, however moments later he woke up and jumped right back into the conversation.
Before you get the giggles, just know that Mr. Freeman wasn’t really sleeping after all. He’s up on some new technology that no one has access to.
After the video went viral, he released a statement to E! News saying: " I wasn't actually sleeping.  i'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids.  I was merely updating my Facebook page.
His “Google Eyelids” statement is a play off of Google’s latest development, “Google Glass, a device which allows users to update their social networks through a pair of glasses and access the internet through voice commands.

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