Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rihanna's MAC Lipstick Gives Fan Herpes?!

According to Celebrity Blogger, Sandra Rose, be careful when you’re attending one of singer Rihanna’s concerts. If a representative from MAC asks you to try her ‘RiRi Woo’ lipstick, just say “no thanks.”

One fan, Starkeema Greenidge, 28, of Harlem, told the NY Daily News she tried the RiRi Woo lipstick at a MAC counter set up at a recent Rihanna concert. But 2 days later, the unlucky fan developed a cold sore on her lips which turned out to be herpes.

Rihanna has been plagued with rumors that she has herpes.

Greenridge said she’s suing MAC to urge the company to be more sanitary with its products.

Greenridge said the MAC employee instructed her to “press her lips together and spread the lipstick around,” according to the lawsuit.

“(MAC) didn’t use a fresh or new lipstick tube, but rather one that had been used for other patrons,” the suit charges.

“I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money,” Greenidge, a waitress, told the Daily News on Wednesday.
She said she slapped MAC with the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in hopes of forcing the company to be more sanitary in the future. Greenidge also said the company should train its employees to use disposable tubes or swabs to apply the lipstick.

The RiRi Woo lipstick was inspired by the singer’s favorite MAC red, Ruby Woo lipstick, according to the NY Daily News.

The lipstick sold out within hours of its launch online.

Herpes is a highly contagious, sexually transmitted parasitic virus. There is no known cure.

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