Thursday, 11 July 2013

LMAO!! Chelsea Score Owngoal By Selling Arsenal Onesie In Official Club Shop...

Chelsea’s online shop in America has scored a spectacular own goal this week – after stocking an Arsenal onesie in its collection of official Blues gear.
The store was opened to provide Chelsea’s north American fans with ‘official merchandise from the Europa League winners’, but a cheeky Arsenal number also crept in.
For the reasonable price of $16.00 (£12.26), hard-core Chelsea fans were offered the chance to purchase the onesie; that comes exclusively for babies.
The embarrassing listing of the item was made worse by the description of the product – that pays homage to Arsenal’s previous trophy haul.
‘They have won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups. They are your Gunners. Show your supporter in this cool, unique tee,’ it reads.
Blues supporters don’t appear to have jumped at the chance to buy the item, although perhaps offering their child the chance to throw up on an Arsenal crest, instead of a Chelsea one, could appeal.
Chelsea eventually pulled the item after three days of it being online, but did not offer an explanation.

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