Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swansea Ball Boy 'Kicked' By Eden Hazard Hopeful Of Selling Jacket For £20,000!!!

A ball boy who earned worldwide fame after being kicked by Eden Hazard last season is selling the jacket he wore during the incident in the hope of raising £20,000.
The Blues’ Belgian winger was dismissed for the ‘attack’ on Morgan, who had appeared to protect the ball from Hazard’s grasp as he tried to hurry up the play.

Careless kicker: Eden Hazard (Picture: Action Images)

Morgan became a known face almost immediately, with the cameras at the game beaming the images live around the world while he also picked up 80,000 new followers on Twitter almost overnight.
But with the dust now well and truly settled on the sour incident, the youngster is hoping to make some cash from the jacket he wore that night.
Morgan has put his ball boy coat on eBay, with the money set to go to Maggie’s Cancer Charity and the RNLI.
It is not yet clear how much money the jacket will raise (at the time of writing, the bidding is at £62) but Morgan is said to be hoping for as much as £20,000 from the sale.
Just in case you were wondering, he is willing to sign it AND provide a certificate of authentication.

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